Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is a composer and producer of sunburnt soundscapes and curator, founder of Friends of Sagittarius Records,he also makes" miniatur film clips" to the release of his compositions. His new album "Gesang der Geister will be released and distributed (CD and digital download) via AVACHORDA (2010). Seine Musik wurde u.a. in Deutschland ( rainbowdiving butterflies , format noise, knochensache , Krautnoise ) verlegt , in Brasilien ( menthe de chat ) , Mexico ( A.M.P. REC. ) , Portugal ( Editora Do Porto ) , Spain ( audiotalaia netlabel ) , England ( Industrial Culture, Electronic Musik ) , Frankreich ( Vaatican Records) , Österreich (BLEAK ) , Irland ( Flugelrad Records ) , Japan ( Silent novels Rec., SODOMA RECORDS ) , Belgien (FF HHH Records, Sarutra's Music, und Mandai Distribution) Belgien , Niederlande (STRONT REC ), , Zagreb Kroatien ( slusaj najglasnije! Rec. ) , Egypt ( massimo croce ) , Australia ( To Hip To Hop Tapes ) , Italien ( VJGrecords, SfintRecords ) , Russia ( Clinical Archives ) , Ukraine ( Oldturtles Tapes Records ) , Minsk- Belarus ( HAZE netlabel ) und in den USA ( Planetarium Records, Love Torture Records, Sounds Abound (Free Media Archive), kittyonfirerecords, Audio Sodomy Records, Amduscias Records , pigeon pop records, Placenta Recordings,, und Tethered Records. His new album "Gesang der Geister will be released and distributed (CD and digital download) via AVACHORDA (2010). Gesang der Geister“, the new album of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt contains contemporary improvised chamber music, which is performed by using the acci- dental guitar method – a creation of the american artist who lives in Berlin! This deep, ritual & intensive release comes on Avachorda.

Friends of Sagittarius Records festival no.2
king kong klub,berlin,Brunnenstrasse 173

14, June 2011






DJ Matthias Heiderich


sean derrick cooper marquardt
A continuous accidental guitar adventurous aspirations in audio.

3 :

angela grasser


4 :

scanner unit
(ambient /spacenoise)


(electronika / experimental)


Gabi Schaffner: "Five Hours in a Fake Forest with a Bee Swarm"


(electronika / experimental)


Dorothy of the Day
Music from the Dustbowl - Live Vocal Loops:
Dorothy of the Day's developing vocal loops and harmonies begin
with a fragility that gives way to a cosy black and white film on a


Jazz meets Filmmusik meets minimalism.


A short soundtrack about the long term legacy of being born a human shield.
Jonathan Toby Burdon(TEST DEPT.)

sean derrick cooper marquardt


genus inkasso


The Captain Kirk on LSD Experience
Disco House / Melodramatischer Pop-Song / Psychedelic



felthat - reviews
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Chinese Box

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is one of those gypsies who do their stuff on the margin of what is hip even in a such "hip-immune" field as experimental music. His Friends of Sagittarius records as well as other platforms he manages revolve around a community of musicians of different styles and approaches.
One of his outlet is "accidental guitar" style which his own genuine approach to composition as well as intuitive improvisation.
Chinese Box hits the sky with its droney lo-fi cloud of intense and dreamy microspace. What I loved the most is that it goes straight to the point, not getting into the place where the musician depletes himself from the fresh ideas. A wholesome bit of music, rich, tasty and healing.
You can download it for free at:
Autor: Astipalea Records - Hubert Napiórski o 04:25

21st Century NewNew Artist Sean Cooper-Marquardt, Berlin/Chicago
21st Century Fluxus-Inspired/New New Artists' Gallery Link,

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Ep release – Chinese Box

With Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt presents kul- turterrorismus one of the famost experimental musici- ans, who have a high reputation all over the world! We are proud, that his new ep “Chinese Box” comes out of our netlabel as free download! Another great work of the Berlin based artist, which use the accidental guitar method for his releases. Taste it!

Chinese Box
1 min
film and composition by sean derrick cooper marquardt, music taken from the Ep release at kulturterrorismus. Sean Derrick Cooper ...

Bohm & Cooper Marquardt Duo in Wire Magazine, issue April 2011 - Kommunikation -
The Bohm & Cooper Marquardt Duo contribute the track Ruf der Apostel/Apostles Calling for the WIRE magazine CD, issue April 2011.

the NBT Dark Electric Cast, the 1st of 2011 has arrived.. featuring that difficult music that has been spoken about on these very pages.. the stars of tonights show are: Muffled Shine (thanks to the guys from Far From Moscow)/Count vanilla/VBI/Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt/Blue Screams Of Death/Zwaremachine and SNMT
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Geister | The Sweetest Noise


The NBt Review 106

Selected Music -Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (Independent Releases)

This prolific creator of ambience and noise has so many works scattered across the web, that even three blogs would not do it justice, so for now I must be content to write about just a few and let you, the gentle curious reader explore deeper.

We start out extreme with ‘Son Of Thunder’ (a Kitty On Fire Records release), setting us down upon a twisted playground from an alternate past, once there were jolly warm glowing lights and souls, now they have been allowed to fade into the grew howl, leaving only a trace of a winter market melody behind. The barricades constructed here shift spookily, allowing glimpses of lonely choirs lost, till all is the swarm. The pleasure here is the dream of comfort never quite achieved, the artist making sure that it is the journey that is important.

Now Blisters take us further into the grinning gasp of darkness, where the assurance of scratches and static hide the slomotion glide of rooms and old men and flickers of dancehall memories. Imagine yourself out on a cold winter’s night, looking up at complacent hunks of residential buildings, lives shining from behind curtains far up above you. Add a sense of humour and horror to the experience and you are close to this.

Onwards now, bravely to the manipulation of ‘The Accidental X Change’ where the artist proves that the fabric of our reality can be stretched thin, even to breaking point and then like an overtired child lost within a train journey we slip into something that perhaps is not there, cannot be explained to mother or father and will slip away soon enough, traces of it haunting us still into adulthood.

And finally (for this review at least; remember this is only a tiny taste of this artist’s work) we attempt to float up the TwoRivers, up because these soundscapes push high into space, subliminal spikes jutting out allowing our tender soul brief sanctuary, then spilling back into the murmur, the saddest blur ever felt.

You will be able to hear a lot from Cooper Marquardt on
upcoming shows on all the NBT podcasts in the new year
Friends of Sagittarius
Berlin Festival Night
oct. 6, 2010 starts at 8pm
door price: 3 euro
BERLIN - Knochenbox, Theaterkapelle 10245, Boxhagenerstr 99,- Friedrichshain
berlin berlin Berlin 10245

Weitere Infos:

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt curator of Friends of Sagittarius will be presenting a night of amazing music
for friends and guest,
all artist and bands will each make a performance of 20 min.,
, everything will
begin at 8pm exactly.

Weitere Infos:

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt New Album Release "Wooden Ambian Tiger"
at Silent Novel Records (Japan)

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Album Release "THE ELECTROCIST"
at Rainbowdiving Records (Berlin)

cover by S.D.C. Marquardt

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Album Release "The Golden Age"
at Sodoma Records (Japan)

cover by S.D.C. Marquardt

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt ALBUM RELEASE "Reisegefaehrten" at FF HHH Records (Brussels-capital
Belgien )

cover by Grégory Duby

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt ALBUM RELEASE "MILK OF AMNESIA" at SfintRecords (Trieste
Italien )

cover by Vortex Images

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt ALBUM RELEASE "BURNIG BENEATH THE ICE" at VJGrecords (Castano Primo, Milano
Italien )

cover by VJGrecords

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt ALBUM RELEASE "Irregular" at STRONT Records
(Niederlande )